Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 63 Highlights: Tasty Teja Eliminated From The House

The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 day 63 is here and it is the Sunday funday in the house. We have seen yesterday some allegations have been put on Shivaji and it have been proven wrong by the Nagarjuna and many more things are going to happen in the house in the upcoming weeks. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Nagarjuna gave a grand entrance to the stage with an amazing song from his film, and he looked dapper in white shirt, white pant and brown jacket. Immediately without wasting any time in the house, Nagarjuna opened MaNA TV in the house, and the contestants welcomed him gracefully. Immediately Nagarjuna started saving the contestants from the nominations. In the first round, Bhole Shavali, and Amardeep have been saved by the audience.

Proverbs For The Housemates

Then the housemates played a simple game like put the suitable proverb for the contestant and it was an fun segment and it was Ashwini who felt bad that again the contestants have targeted her and she kept shouting that everybody is targeting her.

Even Nagarjuna sarcastically mocked her, and then Nagarjuna saved Shobha, and Arjun from the nominations and also Priyanka was also saved from the nominations.

Raghava Lawrence and SJ Suryah In The House

Raghava Lawrence and SJ Suryah are in the house for their movie promotions. The Movie name is Jigarthanda XX and the trailer looks fantastic and interesting. Then the housemates interacted with the celebrities. They played the guess the hookstep in the house

The trailer looked really good, The house was divided into two and they had to guess the hook step of the song by guessing the song and it was a fun event in the house where housemates enjoyed the fun in the house. But tension in the house is going to build up very soon in the house.

Teja Eliminated From The House

The last elimination came down between Teja and Rathika and majority of the contestants and the audience thought that Rathika will be eliminated from the house but shockingly it was Teja who got eliminated from the house and everybody in the house got emotional because he had good RaPo with everyone in the house and with him all the fun element in the house will go now. But it is important to know that by focusing on the comedy you also have to play the game that was what lacking in Teja. Otherwise he was a very good contestant and the house and the audience will miss him for sure.

Tomorrow the heated nominations will come up in the house and many interesting and the family week is also here. So let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow and in the coming days.

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