Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 64 Highlights: Bigg Boss Rajyam Nominations In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Week 10 is here and this might also be the family week and an emotional week in the house for the housemates as the family members usually come in 10th week itself. Yesterday we have seen Tasty Teja getting eliminated from the house, and all of the house felt emotional after his elimination. Today as a part of the Bigg Boss Ritual, there are nominations in the house and this time it is going to be unique, interesting, and also heated up. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Bigg Boss Rajyam In The House

In the Bigg Boss it is the Bigg Boss Rajyam and this time it is going to be the different nominations. The boys in the house cannot nominate the girls in the house. They have to nominate amongst themselves. Because the girls in the house are Rajamathas of the Bigg Boss house and the nominated guys have to enact the nominations as if it is a Royal Court. There are two swords kept in the rock, and whoever takes the swords out of the rock will get a chance for nomination in the house.

It was quite boring to be frank, and there are no major fights happened in the nominations amongst the boys. Only Gowtham again kept on saying that the Shivaji has targeted him and he brought his profession in between the conversation. Even Shivaji gave clear and crisp nomination in the house, and he feels a lot better with his hand is back in form, and we might see the best of Shivaji in the coming days.

Apart from these there are no bigger fights in the house. Surprisingly even Amar, and Prashanth did calmer nominations and gave calmer responses in the house. During the judgements of the Rajamathas, Shobha and Priyanka completely dominated the judgement and Ashwini and Rathika tried somewhat in the judgement but it didn’t happen at all. Finally Ashwini tried to break out of the chains, and brought out true character. She felt that she was being dominated and kept shouting, and eventually when everything else was falling out of the race for her. She acted as if she is touching Shobha and Priyanka’s feet.

It was a kind of publicity stunt and Ashwini is clearly trying to play the sympathy card in the house.

Rajamathas Have To Nominate Amongst Themselves

Now, the boys turn were done. Now it is the Rajamathas turn to nominate amongst themselves. Priyanka and Shobha nominated Rathika and they felt that Rathika kept on saying that she will prove herself but she didn’t even try to play the game properly and Rathika tried to counter but it was of no use. She is trying to show that she is strong but no it is not happening and mostly she will be a target to remove her out of the house.

Eventually Rathika was nominated in the house. Finally Ashwini got loose out of her so called poised girl, and shouted at Priyanka and said that she has been bearing all the nominations and dominance from them, and she kept shouting and shouting again. We have to see what will Nagarjuna say in the weekend episode.

Nominated Contestants In The House Now

The Nominated Contestants in the house are Shivaji, Yawar, Gautham, Bhole Shavali, and Rathika. It is going to be a tough battle and we have to see who will get eliminated from the house.

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