Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 65 Highlights: Family Week Has Begun In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is here and it is the Day 65 of the house. Yesterday we have seen some fights and allegations and nominations in the house and finally it is going to cool down now and now it is going to be quite an emotional ride for the contestants because this is the family week in the house and many family members are going to come into the house for this week. So let’s see what happened in the house.

Shivaji’s Elder Son Came Into The House

Before the family came into the house, Bigg Boss gave an interesting task to the housemates. The house will become the school in the house. Bhole Shavali is the singing teacher, Shivaji is the acting teacher, and different roles have been given to the housemates for entertainment purposes. Just like the previous seasons, the Bigg Boss will give orders by saying Rewind, Forward, Stop, Fast Forward and all. The same thing happened in the house before the family came in.

Then after the task was done, Bigg Boss called Shivaji to the medical room for regular check up. Then a doctor checked Shivaji’s hand and said that he will be back in a week or so and he will be fit to play the game. As Shivaji was about to go out, the doctor called him ” Nanna” then Shivaji turned around and saw his elder son in doctor’s getup. Shivaji felt very emotional and cried his heart out by hugging his son. He introduced his son to all the housemates and everybody were quite happy. Especially Shobha was jumping in join because she realized that it is going to be the family week, and she is so excited to see her family in the house.

Arjun’s Wife Surekha In The House

After some time, The game continued in the house and when Bigg Boss said freeze in the house. Arjun’s wife Surekha came into the house. Arjun ran immediately to his wife and hugged her tightly. She is 7 months pregnant and she was so happy seeing her husband.

She wanted him to react to the situation and play the game even better. Then Bigg Boss arranged for Seemantham in the house and all of the housemates danced around the couple and it was an beautiful moment in the house. Even Arjun cried for a few minutes.

Ashwini’s Mother In The House

Ashwini’s mother came during the freeze moment and when she saw Ashwini, she hugged her and cried a lot. Ashwini felt so emotional in the house that she couldn’t control her tears. She felt sad that the housemates have targeted and said so many things to her.

Ashwini said that she almost wanted to come out of the house but she stayed determined and shared so many emotional moments with her mother. The most common thing in all the entries is Shobha’s happiness and emotions, she kept on asking all the family members to give a hint of what’s happening in the house.

More family members are going to come in the house tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for more updates

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