Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 67 Highlights: The Family Week Continues In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 67 is here and this is the family week in the house. Yesterday we have seen Gowtham’s Mother, Bhole’s Wife, and Priyanka’s Boyfriend Shiva Kumar coming into the house. Today also some family members are going to come to the house. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Amardeep’s Birthday and Tejaswini Comes Into the House

Today is Amardeep’s Birthday and the house celebrated his birthday with minimal things they had in the house. Everybody were expecting some announcement from Bigg Boss. Then Bigg Boss called Amardeep into the confession room. This is the first time he went into the confession room. When Amardeep went into the confession room, Tejaswini came into the house and talked to the housemates. Then Bigg Boss gave an cake to Amardeep and wished him Happy Birthday.

Meanwhile the housemates managed to hide Tejaswini in the house when Amardeep came out with the cake. Then they closed his eyes, Tejaswi came to him and hugged him tightly. Amardeep felt very emotional and cried. Amardeep and his wife Tejaswini had some good moments in the house, and she also gave some hints about his gameplay.

Shobha Shetty’s Mother Into the House

The captain of the house Shobha Shetty’s Mother came into the house and Shobha literally cried her heart out in the house after seeing her mother in the house. She didn’t let her go and cried a lot. But the surprise came for Yawar, Shobha’s mother brought a photo of Yawar’s mother to him and he hugged her and cried a lot.

This is really an emotional moment for Yawar. Shobha’s mother said that he considers Yawar as his son and his emotions were not controllable. He calmed down after Shivaji and Gowtham consoled him.

Yawar’s Brother In The House

Finally, the moment has come for Yawar. His big brother has come into the house and again Yawar felt very emotional in the house. He and his brother hugged each other and cried a lot. Yawar’s brother has immense gratitude and he told Yawar to focus on the game and he wanted him to win the game in the house. Then Yawar’s brother was also so thankful for Shivaji’s care and Prashanth’s support for Yawar in the house.

Tomorrow many more family members will come into the house and later Captaincy game will happen in the house. It is going to be an emotional and interesting week for sure.

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