Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 68 Highlights: Family Week Continues In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 68 is here and yesterday we have seen Amar’s Wife Tejaswini, Yawar’s Brother and Shobha Shetty’s Mother Coming Into the house. Today it is going to be more exciting and very soon the captaincy game is also gong to begin in the house. First Let’s get into the details shall we please.

Rathika’s Father Comes Into The House

After a long wait, Rathika’s Father came into the house. Even though it has been just three weeks her coming into the house. Rathika felt so emotional after seeing her father.

She cried a lot after seeing her father in the house. Rathika’s father is a very jovial man and he interacted with the housemates very nicely in the house and rathika and her father danced to the songs played by Bigg Boss and it was really a fun moment in the house for the housemates

Prashanth’s Father In The House

Last but not the least, Prashanth who has waited from the past two days. His time has come to feel emotional. First Bigg Boss sent flowers to him, then slowly the door opened and Prashanth’s father came into the house. Immediately Prashanth ran up to him and fell on his feet. Prashanth felt so emotional after seeing his father in the house. He lifted him up and showed him around the house. Prashanth also fed his father with his own hands.

Then Prashanth’s father especially thanked Shivaji for taking care of Prashanth in the house and treating him like his son. It was an emotional moment for all the housemates, because the bond shared between Prashanth and his father looked so natural and beautiful.

Oh Baby

After the family week is done, Bigg Boss gave the captaincy contenders task to the housemates. In this game, there are some baby dolls with their names kept on a table. Whenever they hear a baby cry in the house, the housemates have to run towards the doll and pick up a doll of other housemates, and run into the safe zone. Whoever comes last and whose doll will be there with them, that contestant will be eliminated. Like that whoever stays till the end will become the captain of the house.

Then as usual Gowtham did some cheating in the house, and Shivaji pointed it out that he isn’t playing a fair game in the house. Then Gowtham got angry and shouted at Shivaji. This time, Shivaji also didn’t back out, he also shouted at him. This wasn’t expected by Gowtham, he thought Shivaji would remain silent but his reaction made him shout more to prove himself stronger. But it was Shivaji who became stronger and it came down to the point where Gowtham threw the mike down and asked Bigg Boss to opened the door. He wanted to go out of the house.

The last contestants left in the house for captaincy are Shivaji and Arjun. Whoever wins the game will become the captain of the house. We have to see that tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates please.

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