Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 76 Highlights: Nagarjuna Breaks The Bottles Today

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 76 is here and this is the weekend episode in the house. That is Saturday review episode and it is going to be really hot in the house. Nagarjuna gave an grand entry with an massy song and he looks dapper in the blue shirt and black denim. Nagarjuna looks very serious just by his expression, because many things have happened in the house in the past week. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Nagarjuna opened the MaNa Tv very quickly and remained silent for a while. Straightaway he said that there are many things to be said in the house by breaking the bottles in the house. The house were tensed right from the front. Nagarjuna congratulated Priyanka for becoming captain of the house and lauded her for playing the game bravely and boldly without crying like others.

Nagarjuna asked the housemates how was Shivaji’s captaincy in the house, and all of them said that the captaincy was really good in the house, and especially Gowtham appreciated Shivaji’s captaincy. But Nagarjuna had some problems with Shivaji. He is talking bad words in the house, and Shivaji said sorry immediately.

But still Nagarjuna broke the bottle on Shivaji’s head, and Nagarjuna felt that Shivaji over reacted in Shobha and Prashanth’s decision during the eviction pass. Nagarjuna gave clear clarity on Shobha and Prashanth’s decision that as per the game Priyanka was the winner, but as per the rules of the game it was Yawar who won the eviction free pass

Then Nagarjuna talked a lot of things with Arjun. Especially, Nagarjuna asked whether he will get into nominations if he sees his niece’s photo. But it was just the fun, and Nagarjuna lauded Arjun for his game but he said that his reality didn’t come out in the house and Nagarjuna thinks that he was fake in the past weeks, and his real version has come out this week only.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Amardeep regarding the task and the way he cried a bit. But he has played the game wonderfully in the house. Nagarjuna didn’t like his mindset at all, and he wanted him to believe that he will win the game. No more emotions, show emotion in the game. Nagarjuna broke bottle on Amar’s head.

Then Nagarjuna broke three bottles on Rathika’s head. Nagarjuna didn’t like Rathika’s performance. Nagarjuna banned some particular words in the house that she will play the game from next week. Nagarjuna said that she is in the 10th position and Nagarjuna didn’t want to talk at all with her.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Gowtham regarding whether he played the game or not. Apart from supporting Priyanka that he didn’t play the game at all and he wanted him to improve the game.

Then Nagarjuna broke the bottle on his hand during Ashwini’s review. Nagarjuna felt that Ashwini over reacted too much when Priyanka broke the bottle on her head. Still Nagarjuna broke bottle on Ashwini’s head. She didn’t play the game at all. Nagarjuna wanted her to focus on the game and play the game even more properly.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Prashanth whether he has played the game or not this week. Nagarjuna asked whether Prashanth chilled out when the family members put him on the top 5. Nagarjuna wanted him to play the game even more properly with more enthusiasm.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Shobha, Nagarjuna felt that she didn’t play the game properly and Shobha felt emotional that she didn’t play the game at all and wanted her to game again, and Nagarjuna broke the bottle.

Then Nagarjuna showed Yawar some videos of his game. He put the feet down during the balls balancing task with Arjun and took a lot of time to put the balls during balance the balls on the bow. Even the housemates felt that it was wrong, then Yawar said that he doesn’t want the Eviction pass if he doesn’t deserve it. Then Nagarjuna asked him to think about it once, then without any other thought he gave up the Eviction pass and it was kept back in the store room and now it belongs to Bigg Boss.

Tomorrow is the Sunday Funday episode, and most probably there will be elimination in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates.

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