Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 79 Highlights: Pallavi Prashanth Wins The Eviction Pass

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 79 is here and yesterday we have seen some part of the nominations. Today another part of the nominations have been shown in the episode. yesterday itself many intense arguments and some shocking self nomination happened in the house. So let’s see what happened in the house today shall we.

Nominations Continued

In this nominations, yawar nominated Arjun for saying that yawar is underserving to get the eviction pass in the house. Then Arjun felt really bad about that, Arjun felt that Yawar didn’t have a valid point at all, and he didn’t want to talk to him at all in the house till the end of the finale. Arjun is deeply hurt by Yawar’s words and he considered him as his brother, but seeing Yawar’s behavior now. Arjun has stepped down and stopped talking to him.

Then Shivaji and Gautham usual rivalry went on in the house. They kept throwing punches at each other and finally it was obviously Shivaji who won the argument and then Gowtham was nominated in the house.

Even Priyanka nominated Shivaji for shouting at her and diverting Shobha during the sanchalak decision. Some heated arguments have happened between and Shivaji is clearly not happy with this behavior and things got a little rusty between them two. After this the nominations have been finished and except Shobha and Priyanka, all of them are in nominations this week. The voting lines will be opened today midnight, so make sure that you vote for your favorite contestant and help them to win the game.

Pallavi Prashanth wins the eviction pass

Bigg Boss gave another, one last chance to the housemates to win the eviction pass. In this task, the housemates have to balance the things on a stick like thing. One by one bigg boss will say to keep the things at the edge of the stick. For example, there are bowls, cups, plates, in different sizes. If bigg boss says that they have to keep an small cup, then they have to keep the cup and hold it, and then another item will be said like big plate, they have to keep it on the cup and balance the things without making it fall on the ground. Whoever stays till the end will win the eviction pass.

In this game, first Shobha dropped, then Shivaji dropped because of the hand pain, then Yawar dropped it after losing the balance, then Rathika dropped it, then Gowtham dropped it, then Arjun dropped it, and then Amar dropped, and finally Ashwini dropped it. The final battle came between Brother and sister, Priyanka and Prashanth. It was an intense game, and finally Priyanka lost the balance and she dropped the plates and cups on the floor.

That’s how Pallavi Prashanth won the eviction pass and there will be no more defending tasks for this. The eviction pass is his, this week there is double elimination so we have to see how will Prashanth use it. There is a new captaincy task in the house, and it is the murder task.

When all the housemates in the house were having lunch that is given by Bigg Boss, a loud scream was heard and Bigg Boss has mentioned that there is a murderer amongst you in the house. For this, Amardeep and Arjun are the detectives. Who is the killer?

Stay tuned for more updates, and tomorrow’s episode is going to be interesting. We have a rumor that there is going to be a secret task in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house.

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