Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 78 Highlights: Hungry Lion In The House

Bigg boss Telugu Season 7 has reached to the 12th week and it is Day 78 in the house. yesterday we have seen in a major turn of events, there has been no elimination kept in the house but Nagarjuna clearly mentioned that there will be double elimination in the house and there will be also eviction pass games will be conducted again in the house. So this week is going to be more interesting and engaging, as the fear of double elimination is included in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Hungry Lion In The House

As the regular ritual of every Monday, there are nominations in the house and in this nominations, it is very unique from the past few seasons, it has been never tried before in the house. This time, the nominations went on in the Activity room, and the room has been decorated in the form of a jungle and there is a hungry lion waiting to be fed by the housemates.

In this nominations, the housemates have to stand in front of the hungry lion and take a piece of meat like paper, On which there is a photo of the housemate. Then after the nomination, they have to feed the piece of meat to the lion. That’s how the nomination process will go on, and in this nomination Priyanka cannot be nominated because she is the captain of the house.

Major Fights In the House Today

The first major fight happened between Amar and yawar. In this fight, Amar said that Yawar has fouled during the eviction pass game and with the counter yawar says that Amar has failed as an sanchalak and didn’t see the game properly at all. The argument went on for a while and yawar reciprocated it with his nomination for Amar

Rathika nominated Prashanth for not being active in the house and didn’t play the game properly last week. Just like the routine and boring attitude of Rathika and Prashanth’s over shouting during the nominations made the nomination a bit silly and boring as well.

Rathika also nominated Amar for the previous weeks again, and also shouting at her during the finale of the captaincy task.

Ashwini got self nominated in the house. Gautham and Shivaji had some arguments, because Gautham felt that Shivaji cheated in the game and manipulated the decision of giving the eviction pass to yawar. Only these are the major fights that have happened in the house this week

Nominated Contestants

Shivaji, Prashanth, Yawar, Amar, Arjun, Gautham, Ashwini, Rathika are the nominated contestants. Shobha and Priyanka are not in the nominations. Now we have to see who will get eliminated and this week is going to be an interesting week for sure in the house.

Stay tuned for more updates, and vote for your favorite contestants in the house and save them from nominations.

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