Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 87 Highlights: The Ticket To Finale Game Continues In the House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 87 is here and only few more days are left for the finale. It is going to be an interesting and engaging weeks for the next two weeks. Right now, the ticket to finale race is going on in the house and yesterday Shivaji and Shobha got eliminated from the game because of low points, and they gave their points to Amar which has kept him in the top position in the house. Today we are going to see many interesting tasks again in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Ship Task In The House

Now during the morning times, Bigg Boss gave a interesting task in the house which is there are suspended boats near the swimming pool. They have to pour the sand to one side, and make the ship suspend to their side and they have to take the flag.

Whoever takes the flag first, will win in this game. The task went on really well, and it was Prashanth again who won the task, and got good marks for his performance.

Guess The Sound Task

In this fun task, Bigg Boss played some sounds in the house, and the contestants have to guess the sound and write it down on the board. Whoever gets most number of guesses right will win the task. The task was fun, and interesting. The housemates really had a great fun during the game.

As Yawar and Prashanth guessed less things, they are out of the race now. Coming to the points table, Priyanka had less points when compared to others. So Bigg Boss asked her to give half of the points to anybody in the house. Then Priyanka chose Gowtham, and gave half of his points to her, and now she is also out of the finale race.

Rift Between Shobha, Priyanka, and Amar

Then Amar felt sad that Priyanka didn’t give him points, and then there was a fight between three besties. Amar stopped talking to Priyanka, and right now Priyanka is feeling very sad both physically and mentally. She is not able to cope up that her friends are not supporting her.

Then during a discussion between what to cook in the house. Priyanka just said that she isn’t feeling well, and told Shobha to cook the food. Then Shobha said that she is giving orders to everybody and they had fights in the house. The best friends are fighting with each other and the ticket to finale race is also happening. Many interesting things are also going to happen in the house very soon. Please stay tuned for more updates

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