Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 88 Highlights: The Ticket To Finale Tasks Get More Tougher

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 88 is here, and yesterday we have seen some interesting tasks in the house for the ticket to finale task. As of now, Amar is on the top of the table, and yesterday Priyanka got eliminated from the game because of less number of points, and there was a rift between the three besties. Now today, there are some more interesting tasks that are happening in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Escape From The Tunnel

There are only five members left in the game, and they are Amar, Prashanth, Arjun, Yawar, and Gowtham. The battle will happen between these people in the house. In this game, there is a small kind of tunnel filled with sand, and the contestants have to dig through it and they have to escape from the tunnel. One more interesting thing, their one leg is tied with a chain.

The buzzer began and the contestants dug up the tunnel, and first Prashanth dug up the tunnel and went to the other side, and immediately he found the key and unlocked the chain, and rang the bell. During this game, it was Arjun who came last. After the task was done, Yawar had less number of points in the game, and then he got eliminated. Then Bigg Boss asked to give half of his points to anyone in the house. Then Yawar chose Prashanth, and just like Prashanth raced up to the second in the game.

Guess The Things With Touch

Bigg Boss gave another interesting task which is the four contestants will be blindfolded and there is a small tray kind of thing kept in front of them, and different things will be kept in front of them. Whoever guesses most number of things wins the game. The task was funny, and interesting, and it was Amar who won the task. Then Shivaji and Yawar felt that somehow Amar heard things which were said by his friends. Then Amar felt sad that whenever he wins the game, people start doubting him in the house.

The ticket to finale game is going on very interestingly, and anybody can win the ticket to finale. By tomorrow we will get the name of the first finalist of the Bigg Boss Season 7. Stay tuned for more updates

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