Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 90 Highlights: Nagarjuna’s Review

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 90 is here and today is the Saturday episode which means Nagarjuna will come to the house. Yesterday we have seen Arjun winning the ticket to finale task in the house and now it is official that he is the first contestant to enter into the finals of Bigg Boss Season 7. Let’s see what happens in the house.

Nagarjuna gave a grand entry into the house, with an amazing song and he is looking absolute dapper in his unique shirt. Immediately Nagarjuna started the MaNa Tv and the housemates played CERA and country delight sponsor tasks in the house. It was really fun and interesting in the house. Now let’s get to the serious things in the house.

Nagarjuna immediately lauded Arjun for his amazing performance and winning the ticket to finale task without any help in the house. Then Nagarjuna talked to Shivaji and Shobha for their weak performance in the game. Shivaji clearly said that his hand isn’t good, and he didn’t want to take risk in the house. Then Nagarjuna asked why did they give their points to Amar, and then both of them gave their reasons and it looked genuine.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Priyanka about her game, and emotional blackmail of Amar and Shobha on her. Clearly Priyanka is being cornered by her two friends, and she is unhappy with them. Even though she is smiling on the outside, but we can feel the pain in her voice while taking to Nagarjuna

Then Nagarjuna talked to Yawar, regarding his foul game during the escape task. He saw the serial number on the key which is 786 which is actually a foul in the house, and he also threw away the keys, and also Nagarjuna said that he is becoming low if he loses the game, and gave an example of Arjun who was brave and didn’t give up during the tasks.

Then Nagarjuna talked about Amar and his blindfold game. He has assured that Amar didn’t play any foul game in the blindfold task. Then he was caught red handed during the guess the sound task. Amar was clearly seeing from Gowtham’s board. Because the sanchalaks couldn’t watch the foul, Nagarjuna stopped 2 days of coffee for both of them.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Gowtham, regarding his strategy during the boat task and he has used over thinking during the game, and Nagarjuna trolled Gowtham that he is seeing Rathika in him. Indirectly Nagarjuna has also put fights between Arjun, Gowtham. Telling that Gowtham has more favorism for priyanka not for Arjun. Then Nagarjuna talked to Priyanka why she influenced Gowtham to give away the points to Amar. Then Priyanka said that she is playing the individual task, and she felt emotional weak to give away the points to Amar. The explanation was not clear at all.

Then Nagarjuna clarified the rift between Shivaji and Gowtham. He has been targeting Shivaji and he is supporting only Yawar and Prashanth. Then Nagarjuna questioned why isn’t he questioning Priyanka when she is constantly supporting Amar and Shobha, and she hasn’t even nominated both of them. The explanation was not clear at all, he just tried to cover it up by giving silly tricks.

Then Nagarjuna lauded Prashanth’s performance in the house. Nagarjuna lauded him, for his amazing performance, and Nagarjuna clearly said that he shouldn’t feel emotional if he loses the game, and he should use the eviction free pass this week only.

Then Nagarjuna also lauded Amar for his performance, and he has played the game wonderfully, for his foul game, and for his emotional black mail in the house. Nagarjuna wanted him to play the game beautifully not with the foul game and silly strategies. Then Nagarjuna made Amar the captain of the house, but he won’t get immunity in the house. He won’t have Shobha and Priyaanka as deputies, and he became the last captain of the house.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Arjun for his amazing performance in the house, and he has played the game individually. He is officially the first contestant to enter into the finals of the Bigg Boss Season 7.

BB Library

The housemates have to give the books to others. Shobha gave how to play the game solo book to Priyanka.

Priyanka gave how to use brain during the game to Yawar.

Yawar gave how not to spread negativity in the house to Shobha

Amar gave how to nominate with right reason to Prashanth

Prashanth gave how to not shout in the house to Amar

Gowtham gave how not to be right always to Shivaji

Shivaji gave how not to think badly and cunningly to Gowtham. Then Shivaji and Gowtham had an heated argument in the house, regarding Shivaji’s support to Yawar and Prashanth. Gowtham said that Shivaji isn’t taking stand when Yawar and Prashanth if they do any mistakes.

They kept on arguing that Shivaji is targeting Gowtham from day one. Then Nagarjuna clearly clarified that 80 cameras are watching them 24*7, if anybody is wrong, public will send they away from the house. But still Gowtham doesn’t have a clarity in his head about Shivaji and his game. Tomorrow there will be Sunday Funday episode in the house, and many interesting things are going to happen. Stay tuned for more updates

As per the rumors, it is Ashwadhamma 2.0, Gowtham has been eliminated from the house. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow.

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