Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 91 Highlights: Gowtham Is Eliminated In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Da 91 is here, and it is the Sunday Funday in the house. Yesterday we have seen Nagarjuna clearly taking class for Gowtham, Priyanka, and Shobha, and indirect punches to Amardeep. Today nagarjuna gave a grand entry onto the stage with the latest sensational song from Hi Nanna. Immediately Nagarjuna opened the MaNa TV and the contestants played the Colgate Max fresh task in the house. In this task, Shobha, Gowtham, and Amardeep won it.

Nagarjuna Reveals The Winner Prize

Nagarjuna then talked to the housemates and announced that the winner will be getting 50 Lakhs, Maruti Suzuki Breeza, 15 Lakh diamond jewelry from Josalukas. Then Nagarjuna asked what will the housemates do with the prizing money. Gowtham said that he will use the money for his mother, Prashanth said that he will use the money for farmers, and poor people. Priyanka said that she will use the money for her father and mother and gift the money for them. Yawar said that he will give some money to his brother and use the money to buy an house.

Amardeep said that he will use the money to buy an house for his mother in Hyderabad. Shobha said that she will use the money to help her parents. Shivaji said that he will reveal if he wins the prize money. Arjun said that he will use the money for charity, and for his niece, and for his parents and for loans.

During this talk, Priyanka was saved from the nomination.

Ashika Ranganathan On The Stage

Ashika is the heroine of Nagarjuna’s upcoming movie Naa Saami Ranga. Nagarjuna introduced her first to the Bigg Boss housemates. Nagarjuna showed a glimpse of her to the housemates.

Then she talked to all the housemates in the house. Shobha and Ashika Ranganathan talked in Kannada with each other. Then Yawar, Gowtham gave good compliments, and Prashanth said a good poem to her. Shivaji gave good compliments to her, and Priyanka talked to her in Kannada. Then Nagarjuna said that they have to entertain her in the house, and they have to imitate Nagarjuna in the house. Arjun imitated very wonderfully in the house.

Natural Star Nani On The Stage

Nani came onto the stage with an amazing song of Odiyamma Heat from Hi Nanna. Then they showed the trailer of the movie on the big screen. Then Nani opened the Nani TV and said that he is the host now and played a little prank in the house. Then Nagarjuna introduced all the housemates to Nani. He had some fun moments in the house.

Then Nagarjuna showed the video of Priyanka calculating 4*8=48. It was a really fun moment in the house. Then Nani had great fun with Yawar by teaching him a poem. In this process Shivaji got saved from the nominations.

UnDeserving In The House

  • Amar gave undeserving to Yawar and Gowtham
  • Gowtham gave undeserving to Shobha and Amar
  • Shobha gave undeserving to Yawar and Gowtham
  • Arjun gave undesering to Yawar and Shobha
  • Priyanka gave undeserving to Prashanth and Yawar
  • Prashanth gave undeserving to Gowtham and Priyanka
  • Yawar gave undeserving to Shobha and Amar
  • Shivaji gave undeserving to Amar and Priyanka

Prashanth’s Eviction Pass Back To Bigg Boss

The last three came between Prashanth, Shobha, and Gowtham. Then Nagarjuna asked whether Prashanth wants to use his eviction pass or for others. Then Prashanth said that he will it only in 14th week. Then Nagarjuna said that he has to use it now or it will be taken back to the Bigg Boss. Then Prashanth took his decision and gave back his eviction pass to Bigg Boss. In the saving process, Prashanth got saved, and Shobha and Gowtham were the last two in the house

Gowtham Got Eliminated From The House

The last two came between Shobha and Gowtham, and finally after a bit of suspense in the house. Gowtham got eliminated from the house. It is actually shocker to the housemates, and Priyanka cried a lot in the house after Gowtham got eliminated in the house.

Tomorrow there will be the last nomination of the house and it is going to be interesting for sure. Stay tuned for more updates.

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