Bigg Boss Season 7 Day 97 Highlights: Nagarjuna Breaks The Silence In The House

Bigg Boss Season 7 Day 97 is here and today is the Saturday Episode in the house. Nagarjuna gave a grand entry in the house, and then he showed the previous day episode. In the voting appeal in the house, Priyanka, Amar, Yawar, and Prashanth got the last opportunity in the house. Bigg Boss gave 30 minutes to the housemates, and there is no way to see the time, and the housemates have to separate the Dal and Rice in the house, and they have to guess the correct timer in the house. In this task, Priyanka guessed the right time, and she got the voting appeal in the house.

Nagarjuna Breaks The Silence In The House

Nagarjuna lauded Arjun and Priyanka for playing the game wonderfully in the house. Without playing fouls and without fighting much in the house, they have really understood the game and played the game nicely.

Then Nagarjuna used the hammer, and first broke Shobha’s tile on the wall. Then Shobha was called into the confession room. Then Nagarjuna showed a video to Shobha in which she was telling about she was saying to Priyanka and Amar that she will reveal everything in the house.

Then Shobha pointed out that Shivaji is showing favourism and groupism in the house. Then Nagarjuna told that Shobha as a sanchalak as a referee should support equally in the house, and she only supported Priyanka during the task. Then Nagarjuna said that she is disturbing everyone, and intentionally fighting with them.

Then Shobha said that Yawar has hit her hard in the game. She said that she didn’t say it, but there was a solid proof in the house, and she was caught red handed. When she was caught red handed and she started crying. Just playing the safe game.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Yawar, and broke the tile by saying Chi and Thu again and again. Then Yawar was being called into the confession room. Then Nagarjuna said that what is this behavior in the house. Nagarjuna kept saying Chi and Thu while he was talking in the confession room. Then Yawar tried to cover it up that he didn’t say to her. Then Nagarjuna showed the video, and said this is the worst behavior in the house. Then Nagarjuan said that he needed him to say apology and he did.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Prashanth, and broke the tile. Then Nagarjuna showed the video of him jumping into the pool. Bigg Boss isn’t here to show him videos every week. Then Nagarjuna talked about Prashanth and Amar incident, did he really bite him. Then Prashanth said that he bit him, and there was blood.

Then Nagarjuna said that he talked to doctor, and gave him pain killers only. Then Nagarjuna brought Arjun into the confession room, and asked him what was the level of intensity of the bite. Then he said it is normal like kids bite. Then Nagarjuna said that instead of focusing on Amar, he should focus on himself and focus on the game. Then Prashanth started crying, and left the confession room.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Shivaji, and called him into the confession room. Then Nagarjuna showed that Shivaji said that if there is a girl in his house, he would have slapped her. It was really offensive and all the girls outside felt bad and the debate went on really bad, and this is going to literally damage the image Shivaji has built in the past 14 weeks. Then Shivaji also talked to the audience and it was clear that Shivaji used bad words and the debate got so heated on. Eventually, Shivaji agreed that he did a mistake and apologized to all the girls in the world, and also to Shobha and Priyanka

Then finally Nagarjuna talked to Amar. and broke the tile. Then Nagarjuna asked Amar whether he got mad or what in the house. Then Amar explained that Prashanth is talking aimlessly, and targeting him in the house. Even though he is talking aimlessly, why did he bite him? Then Amar said that he held his neck tightly.

Then Amar kept pushing Prashanth towards the medical room, and this behavior is unaccepted. Nagarjuna clearly said that he has some grudge on Prashanth. Then Nagarjuna also showed the video in which Yawar was asking Amardeep to make rotis without oil and ghee because he ate heavy food.

Because Amar got angry on Yawar in the house, then he mixed the lite rotis in the full ghee and oil rotis and said how he will eat now in the house. He was caught red handed and this is the big red mark for Amar in the house, and it is going to effect him a lot. The week was a fun week, but the housemates made it serious and ruined the week completely.

That was all for the Saturday, and the things got heated up in the house. To cool things off, tomorrow there will be Sunday Funday and we will also have our top finalists, and one contestant will be eliminated as well. Stay tuned for more updates.

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