Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 51 Highlights: Nominations Continued In The House Today

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has completed 50 Days in the house and from the past few days many interesting things have happened in the house. Yesterday we have seen some heated arguments in the house, and today we are going to see the same thing as well. The episode was divided into two for the viewership, so let’s see what happened in the house.

Highlights In The Nominations

Prashanth Vs Goutham- Yesterday we have seen Goutham nominating Prashanth for not behaving properly in theĀ  house and as usual Prashanth kept on blabbering again and again. Now today, Prashanth nominated Goutham. It mostly looked like an revenge nomination to most of us, but there was a reason behind Prashanth’s nomination. Prashanth didn’t like the way how Goutham is portraying things in the house about others, and some heated arguments have happened in the house. Goutham gave a literal warning that you come inside and talk like this. But Prashanth also gave a reply that he will remain as he wants to be.

Amar Vs Bhole Shavali Vs Prashanth- Prashanth nominated Amar for mocking him and not playing the game properly. Amar countered with you are flying high because of the two hands that are behind you. Amar was indirectly pointing towards Shivaji and Yawar. Then Shivaji came in between and said we can see who is supporting who in the house, and he doesn’t need any clarification for that. In the midst of the discussions, Bhole Shavali interrupted the discussion. Then Amar got angry and kicked the chair down. He said that no one can eliminate him in the house, and he will win the cup and leave the house. It looked a bit anger, and over confident. But we hope that Amar plays a good game yet again.

Some more major arguments have happened between Ashwini and Teja. Even though Teja jokingly tried to establish a relation between Bhole and Ashwini. But she took it very seriously and she said that Teja doesn’t have any rights to talk about her like that and this time the nominations were literally on fire. But the major thing in the house is from the past few weeks Sandeep Master who hasn’t been in the nominations came into the nominations. Courtesy to Yawar, he thinks that Sandeep Master is playing the safe game player and he hasn’t seen been into the public yet. So he wants to see how Sandeep Master performs with the pressure of nominations.

As of now, the highest votes came to Bhole Shavali, he got 5 votes, and Ashwini got 4 votes. The new comers are having a real tough time in the house. Now let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow, as the captaincy task begins tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates.

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