RJ Chaitu – Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination Interview (Full)

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RJ Chaitu is known as a chatterbox charity as outside he talks much but recently he was eliminated because of less talk and lack of interaction with housemates.

Chaitu talked about some facts in an interview with Ravi, as he said he was eliminated just because of his honesty but Ravi condemned and he divulged his version that Chaitu’s un unnecessary involvement and overconfidence.

RJ Chaitu said in the interview that he went into the Bigg Boss House to enjoy, and play the games as well but Ravi said that’s not correct, However, the interview went quite interesting.

RJ Chaitu talked about his unhappiness with housemates regarding his body-shaming comments but he said that housemates nominated him because he body-shamed someone which shocked him by RJ Chaitu.

Get into the full interview and you will get some interesting facts about Housemates.

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