Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 38 Highlights: Prashanth Loses His Captaincy

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 38 is here and we have seen new players coming into the house and the tasks are being conducted in the house between two groups now. Gautham is back from the secret room and has joined the new group and things are heated up in the house for sure. Yesterday one task who is the fittest in the house has been won by the new group called Potugallu and now the tension is on Aatagaalu team now. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Who Is the Smartest In The House

Then Bigg Boss called the housemates into the activity room and showed them some images on the screen. It’s like an IQ game and whoever wins will get the Genius tag. Gautham and AmardeepĀ  have squared off in this and Amardeep was tensed a bit and gautham gave good answers. Then Teja came in place of Amardeep and gave equal square off to Gautham in the house and finally it was decided that the Potugaalu team has won the game, and got the genius tag in the house.

Prashanth Loses His Captiancy

Right away in the morning, Bigg Boss called all the housemates and asked how a captain should be in the house and did Prashanth do good captaincy in the house. Then all the housemates gave their views and clearly it was seen that housemates weren’t happy with Prashanth’s captaincy. Then finally Bigg Boss asked Prashanth what are the qualities of the captain then Prashanth gave some views and explained on why he failed as captain.

Then Bigg Boss asked the housemates who aren’t satisfied with the Prashanth’s captaincy. Then all the housemates lifted up their hands, and he was in tears and we felt very sad by seeing him like that. the most shocking thing was Shivaji lifting up the hand and not supporting Prashanth in this work.

Color Color What Color

Then Bigg Boss gave the contenders another interesting task in the house. The housemates have to ask Bigg Boss Color Color What Color and Bigg Boss will say a color then any two of them should run in to the house and pick up the item with the same color and keep it first.

Whichever teams gets the correct ones and has most the items will win the task and this was such a funny task that Bigg Boss put some sarcastic comments in the game, and finally in this game Aatagaalu team won the task.

Who Is The Strongest In The House

In another task, Bigg Boss gave who is the strongest in the house. The strongest people from one group have to hold the rockets with the ropes and whoever ropes for the longest time without dropping the rockets will win the task and in this intensifying and thrilling task. Ambati Arjun won the task against Yawar who gave a very tough competition to him.

Many more interesting and funny, and thrilling games are coming up. Staty tuned for more updates.


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