Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 39 Highlights: It is a tie in the contest

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the Day 39 and yesterday we have seen Bigg Boss giving some interesting tasks like who is the Genius, Who is the strongest, and Color Color what color game and in this game two games have been won by the Potugaalu and one game has been won by the Aatagaalu. Right now the Potugaalu are in the lead with 3 games won by them and only one of them is won by aatagalu. But today the games is sqaured off now. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Prashanth Gets Is Captaincy Back

Yesterday we have seen Bigg Boss taking off the captaincy from Prashanth and now today after a discussion and after a lot of request from the housemates, Bigg Boss considered their request and gave back the captaincy to Prashanth in the house, and he is back as a captain.

Shobha Gets The Punishment

We all know that the housemates have to take the luggage from HOL-The head of the luggage that are Ambati Arjun and Ashwini. But Shobha cannot stay without makeup right, so she stole the makeup from her luggage and applied some makeup. Then Bigg Boss told Arjun to give her a punishment. Then Arjun asked Teja to give one of his most smelly T-Shirts.

Then Arjun gave the T-shirt to Shobha and asked her to wear it. She shouldn’t take it off until Arjun tells her to. It was funny and interesting in the game.

Who Is The Smartest In The House

In this game, The contenders have to square up for a unique task which is. There are a bunch of pictures in the centre and Bigg Boss will give a hint about the movie and ask them a question.

Then the contestants have to take the photo and stick it on the board whoever answers more number of questions will win the game. The task was interesting and in this game Aatagaalu team clearly dominated the game and they won the task with ease.

Who Is More Focused In the House

In this game, there are different colors of balls kept in the activity room. The contenders have to take up a color ballon and toss it in air and without dropping the ballon they have to pick the balls of the same color as the ballon which are kept on the floor and put it in the basket.

Whoever gets most number of balls will win the game. the task was quite interesting and it was really tough as well. In this game after a tough battle, Aatagaalu have won the task and tied the whole game. Now we have to see whether Bigg Boss will give a tie breaker or will tell the contenders to choose the best contenders for the captaincy contenders in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow.

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