Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 36 Highlights: Aatagaalu Vs Potugaalu

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 36 and it is the 7th week in the house, and many interesting things have happened in the house right from the yesterday itself. Yesterday Subhasree was eliminated from the house, and Gautham was eliminated and it looked like he was eliminated from the house, but he was sent to the secret room and soon he will come back to the house.

Nominations In The House

Yesterday we have seen the new housemates coming into the house and two of them have become HOL which means Heads of the Luggage and three of them became HOB which means Head of the Beds. Which means these guys will decide which luggage will come in and out and who will sleep on which bed in the house.

It literally means the old housemates have to play against the new housemates. The old housemates are Aatagaalu and the new housemates are Potugaalu.

Finally the nominations have begun in the house, and the Potugaalu have to nominate two Aatagalu and send them into the nominations. Oh god this is going to be very interesting now, as the new contestants point out what is not the best in the old housemates. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Nominations List

1.Nayani nominated Teja and Amardeep. The reasons for their nominations are Teja not playing the game by not listening to the rules and being lazy and Amardeep reason is that he is not improving in the game at all fro the past few weeks.
2. Bhole nominated Amar and Sandeep. Bhole nominated Amar and Sandeep because Amar being not active in the house and Bhole felt Sandeep should have took stand during the smile photo task where Teja was literally assaulting Gautham in the task.

3. Pooja nominated teja and Yawar. Pooja nominated Teja because he has been ruthless with Gautham and taking shouting as an encouragement in the house, and Pooja nominated Yawar for being aggressive in the house.
4. Ashwini nominated amardeep and shobha. Ashwini nominated Amardeep for not playing the games properly and Shobha for doing groupism in the house, lot of heated discussions in the house have happened between them and things went a little haywire in the house.
5. Arjun nominated Sandeep and amardeep. Arjun nominated Sandeep for not understanding the game properly, and Arjun nominated Amardeep for not playing the game properly and comparatively everyone is improving in the house, and not Amardeep.

Tomorrow we will see Aatagaalu nominations and most probably Gautham will come back tomorrow into the house. Let’s see what happens in the house.

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