Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 37 Highlights: Gautham Is Back In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 and Day 37 is here and there is another surprise waiting for you guys in the house. Yesterday we have seen Potugallu nominating Aatagalu in the house and today Aatagalu will nominate the Potugallu and one from the Aatagalu for the nominations and there is a surprise for you all in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Nominations Continued In The House

Yesterday Potugaalu has nominated the Aatagalu for their performance in 5 weeks. Most of the votes went to either Teja and Amardeep. Now Aatagalu can nominate one of them. From the Aatagalu team Shivaji nominated Pooja Murthy and Amardeep. Shobha Shetty nominated Ashwini and Teja.

Amardeep nominated Ashwini and Teja. Sandeep master nominated Yawar and Ambati Arjun. Teja nominated Nayani Pavani and Amardeep. Priyanka nominated Teja and Ashwini. The majority of the nominations came down to Amardeep, Teja, and Ashwini and Ashwini was in tears because of her being in the nominations without even playing a game in the house.

Gautham back in the house

We have seen gautham in the secret room, and he has been practising some dialogues right from the time when Bigg Boss announced that he will go back to the house. Then after the nominations were done, Bigg Boss told Gautham to come out of the secret room. Then he came out of the secret room shouting some silly dialogues from the room. Frankly nobody were surprised or shocked to see Gautham in the house.

Then he came and had discussion with shivaji and Bigg Boss also gave him a power to save one of the contestants from the nominations then Gautham saved Sandeep Master from the nominations.

Aatagaalu Vs Potugaalu

Bigg Boss started the task called Aatagaalu Vs Potugaalu. Who is the fittest in the house. There will be three tasks, who ever wins the tasks, will become captaincy contenders. In the who is the fittest task, Bigg Boss asked the contenders to place the tyres in order under the swimming pool. Whoever finishes the task first will win the game. In the game Yawar, and Sandeep were a team. Arjun and Gautham were a team. Yawar and Sandeep gave their best but it was Arjun and Gautham won the game and Potugaalu team won the task.

Next two more tasks will be there, who is the smartest and another one. Whichever group wons the tasks will be promoted the captaincy contenders. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

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