Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 49 Highlights: Dussehra Festival Special

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 49 is here and today is Dussehra Festival Special, and the episode began really quickly then usual. Nagarjuna gave a grand entry with the popular song from Santosham movie, and many interesting and funny thins are happening in the house today.

Joyalukas Sends Gifts To The Housemates

Nagarjuna immediately opened the MaNa TV and showed that the housemates got gifts from Joyalukas as a part of the festival, and the housemates have thanked Joyalukas for their gifts, and many interesting things have happened in the house today.

Dance Show Off In The House

Nagarjuna wished housemates Dasara wishes, and said there will be six games, and whoever wins the majority of the games will get the letters from their house. The house is divided into Team Red and Team Blue. The first face off was between Shobha Shetty and Priyanka, they have to do the Naagini dance, and Shivaji is the Sanchalak of the game. Clearly Shobha won the game, and the next face off was between Amardeep and Sandeep, and they have to do Belly Dance, and Snadeep master won the competition.

The next face off was between Bhole and Prashanth, and in this one Bhole won the dance competition, and in another face off, it was between Goutham and Yawar, and they have to Robo dance, and Goutham won the game, and in another face off, it was between Arjun, and Ashwini and they have to pole dance and Arjun clearly dominated the game and he won the task. The team Red have won the game, and they got letters from family.

Shobha Shetty got the letter from her mother, and Amardeep got the letter from his wife. They became emotional a bit, and cried a bit as well. In the process, Amardeep became safe from the nominations, and many more interesting things are going to happen in the house.

Before the task could continue, Rebba John a beautiful young actress performed on the stage. It was mesmerizing and beautiful.

Garland In The Neck.

In this game, three people from each group have to throw garlands and then others have to catch the garland without their hands and it has to fall into the neck. In the first game, Prashanth and Ashwini won the game, and in the second round Shobha Shetty and Goutham won the game, and Team blue have won the game. Team blue got the sweets from Nagarjuna, and during this game Ashwini was saved from the nominations.

Emoticons On The Plasma

In this game, the housemates have to guess the song by looking at the emoticons, and whoever guesses the most number of answers in the house will win the game. In this game, Team Red has won the game, and Shivaji got the letter from his family and he became a little emotional in the house. In this process, Teja got saved from nominations.

Then Nagarjuna asked the housemates to prepare the Bathukamma with the flowers given to them. Whoever makes the best Bathukamma will win the game. In between this some singers have performed on the stage.

In the Bathukamma task, Team Blue has won the game, and the housemates danced to the Bathukamma song, and it looked really good. In this process, Yawar, and Priyanka got the letters. Yawar became so emotional that he wasn’t able to read the letter, then Nagarjuna asked him to read the letter later.

Puli Meka Game

Everybody in the house are Tigers In The House, and they have to catch the goat doll kept in the ring. Whoever gets the most number of goats will win the game, and in this game Team Red won the game and they got Veg Biryani from the Bigg Boss. In this process, Prashanth got saved from the nominations. In between, Dimple hayathi gave an amazing performance.

Nadaka Kalisina Navaratri

In this game, the housemates have to do a ramp walk but in a funnier way. Whoever does it more funnily, will win the game for sure and they will get special gifts from Bigg Boss, and in this game Blue Team won the task. The whole game was tied and both are the winners of the DASARA Special game. After the game, there was a hot mesmerizing dance performance of Payal Rajput.

Pooja Murthy Is Eliminated From The House

After the fun was done, Nagarjuna asked Pooja and Bhole to come to the activity room. They have to put their hands in a small bag kind of thing. Whosever hand turns red is eliminated from the house. After a bit of suspense, and thrill it was shown that Pooja Murthy has been eliminated from the house, and housemates felt emotional a bit but Ashwini has behaved very badly. She is dancing around while others are feeling sad.

Rathika Is Back In The House

Previous week, it was shown that three previous contestants rathika, subhasree, and Damini asked for votes for the housemates and the housemates voted for them. Everybody thinks that whoever gets most number of votes will come into the house, but no there is a twist in the tale. Whoever gets less number of votes will come into the house, and Nagarjuna revealed that Rathika is coming into the house, and yes she came back into the house.

The game is going to become more thrilling and engaging in the coming few days. Many more interesting things are going to happen, as Rathika has joined the house she may have new strategies to implement. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.

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