Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 50 Highlights: Fire in The Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 50 is here, and that means it is the 8th week in the house, and many interesting things have happened in the house from the past few days. Some few twists and turns, some new comers coming to the house, some old members coming to the house. This season has been on the edge of a thriller because no one knows what is happening in the house everyday. As a part of the daily ritual of the Bigg Boss, there are nominations in the house, and they are heated up this time. Let’s see what happens in the house today. Let us remind you that 50 days are over in the house as of now.

Rathika Rose Is Back In The House

Rathika is back in the house, and we can see clearly that she is with a plan, and many interesting things are going to happen with her as well. Ever since she came to the house, she has touched Shivaji’s feet, and also staying with Shivaji only. May be that is a part of her strategy or real respect on Shivaji but Rathika is clearly is with a plan and this is her version 2.0 for sure.

Nominations In Fire

In this nominations process, the housemates have to put the nominated contestants photos in the fire. As a part of the nominations, Arjun is the captain and he cannot be nominated in the house, and Rathika just came from outside, and she has got the immunity as well, so she cannot be nominated in the house.

The Highlights of the nominations include

Shivaji Vs Shobha- Shivaji nominated Shobha for not forgiving Bhole. We don’t know why Shivaji tried to defend Bhole Shavali but it may bring some problems to him. He did the same to Priyanka as well. May be Shivaji isn’t taking the nominations seriously and everytime he is saying to not to take it personally.

Priyanka Vs Bhole Shavali Vs Ashwini- Priyanka nominated Bhole Shavali for not changing his behavior in the house. He started mocking her again with some songs and crazy dancing. On the other hand Priyanka nominated Ashwini for being too problematic in the house.

Even some heated arguments have happened between Goutham and Prashanth. Goutham was clearly unhappy with Prashanth’s behavior. Goutham said that Pooja Murthy was right, he shouldn’t have argued with her during the captaincy contenders selection time. But Prashanth kept on blabbering all the way. The nominations aren’t done yet in the house, it will continue to happen even tomorrow as well. But Bhole Shavali’s behavior needs to be changed, and Prashanth’s blabbering continuous but it is irritating a bit.

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