Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 52 Highlights: New Captaincy Task, New Contenders

Bigg boss Telugu Season 7 is here and it is Day 52 and many more interesting things are happening in the house. The game is halfway done, and we have seen many twists and turns in the house from the past few days. Yesterday we have seen some heated nominations in the house, and today we are going to see some interesting games and tasks in the house which would define the future of the house. Now let’s see what happened in the house today.

Float Or SinkĀ 

The new captaincy contenders in the task here and there are many interesting tasks that are going to line up in the house. In this captaincy contenders, there are flags for every contenders and there will be individual tasks for everyone in the house.

By the end of the task, whoever flags comes down to the bottom will be eliminated from the game. Whosever flag goes up will become the captaincy contender in the house.

In the new task, the four contenders are Priyanka, Teja, Amardeep, and Shobha Shetty participated in the first task. In this new task, there is an aquarium kept in the garden area. There will be different items and Goutham is the sanchalak of this task, he will drop few items in the aquarium, and the contestants have to guess whether it will float or sink in the aquarium tank.

In this task, all of them played wonderfully. But it was Priyanka who guessed most number of answers and she became the captaincy contender for this task. But it was Amar who felt sad, because he has promised that he was back, but he was the first one to get eliminated from the task.

Arrange The Color Boxes Properly

In this task, the contenders have to arrange the color box properly in the order just like Bigg Boss has shown in the picture, and they shouldn’t lift the boxes, they have to arrange like missing box game we play in the computer games.

In this Prashanth, Rathika, Gowtham, and Yawar participated and while everyone were struggling to put the boxes in the right order. It was Prashanth who played the game very wonderfully and he put the color boxes in order and rang the bell which was kept in the middle, and he became the captaincy contender in the house.

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