Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 77 Highlights: No Elimination This Sunday In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 77 and it is the final day of the 11th week, as per the rumors gong around the internet that the Bigg Boss show will be extended one more week because there are so many participants left in the house and many more interesting things are going to happen in the house today. So let’s get going and let’s see what happened in the house today.

Nagarjuna again gave a class entry into the mass with an amazing song, and he looked good and sharp. Before the proceedings of the Sunday Funday began in the house. Nagarjuna welcomed the team of Kota Bommali PS in which Srikanth, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and others have come to grace the stage and promote their movie as well.

Then Nagarjuna told them to move away a bit from the screen and opened MaNa Tv in the house. The housemates welcomed Nagarjuna with grace, again an then Nagarjuna said that he has brought some friends to the house especially Shivaji’s friend. Then Nagarjuna called the movie members and they all talked to the housemates for sometime and wished them good luck for their game and stay in the house.

Good Friend and Bad Friend In The House

Then Nagarjuna played the game with the housemates which is good friend and bad friend in the house. If the housemate chooses good friend then they have to keep a band on the hand, and if it is bad friend then they have to put a stamp on the hand. For the boys the stamp has to be kept on the head, and for the girls the stamp has to be kept on the hand only.

In this first game, Prashanth got more good friendship bands and the bad friend came to Gautham. This is quite interesting because most of the housemates think that Prashanth isn’t properly interacting with the housemates and yet they chose him as their good friend. May be this can be a safe play because we all know that Prashanth really fires up during the nominations times.

In the midst of this process, Yawar, Priyanka and Arjun and Amar were saved in the house.

Guess the image with the blurred image

The house was divided into two teams, one team are Priyanka, Gautham, Prashanth, Arjun, and Rathik. The other team are Amar, Shivaji, Yawar, Shobha, and Ashwini. In this game, the team members have to see the burred image on the TV and they have to guess the movie name. Whoever guesses more number of movies will be the winner. In this Priyanka team has won the task.

During this process, Shobha and Rathika were also saved and it came down to Goutham and Ashwini. Who will get eliminated from the game because both of them were really gearing up for their game just now.

Twist In the Game By Bigg Boss

The last elimination came down between two people Gowtham and Ashwini. The house was really tensed, and Nagarjunas has also managed to build up the pressure. Then Nagarjuna said that since yawar has returned his Eviction pass, it has to be used someway or the other.

That’s why Bigg Boss team has decided that they will eviction pass for both Ashwini and Gowtham, and no one is eliminated from the house now.

The Sunday Funday ended on a good note. But Nagarjuna mentioned at the end of the episode that there will be double elimination in the house. So let’s see what happens in the house in the coming weeks. Tomorrow there will be nominations and we forgot to mention that after this week, there will be no more captains in the house. So the heat will turn up in the house much more. Stay tuned for more amazing updates

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