Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 89 Highlights: Ambati Arjun Wins The Ticket To Finale Task

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 89 is here and many interesting things are happening in the house today. Yesterday we have seen Prashanth winning the escape task, and then Amar winning the guessing task, and Prashanth winning the balancing task. Then the points came equal between Prashanth and Amar. As Gowtham has the least number of points in the game, he has to transfer 1/4th of his points that is 140 points to anybody in the house.

During this decision, Priyanka said that as she has given him the points, he must also give the points to Amar. Then Gowtham decided that he will give the points to Amar. Making Amar 1000 points in the list.

Set The Balls In The Right Order Task

In another task in the house, Bigg Boss gave an interesting task in the house that is arrange the balls in the right order with same matching colors. The contestants shouldn’t lift the balls and keep it, they should only arrange the balls by swiping here and there. The task went on really wonderfully, and it was Arjun who has arranged the balls in the right order, and rang the bell. Then as Prashanth was about to ring the bell, in the excitement, he knocked off the balls and they all fell down. Making Amar the second contestant to crack the puzzle. Pallavi Prashanth out of the ticket to finale race.

Pulling task

In another task, the three contestants were tied to each other. In this task, they will be given flags, and they have to put them in the cones. Whoever keeps most number of flags in the cone, will win the task.

The battle was one-sided because Arjun was clearly the stronger person than the other two, and he has managed to put most number of flags in the cone. Just like Arjun gave tough competition, and this was actually Pallavi Prashanth’s last chance to do something but he lost it and he was out of the race. It was really an commendable effort from him.

The Final Task

The final battle happened between Amar and Arjun. In this task, there is a big snake like thing in the house. The contestants have to take up the ball by balancing it on a paddle like thing. They have to take up the ball by balancing it on the paddle and put it in the mouth. Whoever puts more number of balls will win the task. Initially the task was little difficult because the contestants were finding it hard to balance the ball. Once they have learnt it, it was made easy for them, and in this epic final battle Arjun won the task, and won the ticket to finale task.

One thing we have to remind you here is the ticket to finale will only be worth, if he manages to escape the elimination. Tomorrow is the Saturday episode and it is the review episode in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates

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